Did You Get Injured in a Cab Accident? Here is What You Should Do

Did You Get Injured in a Cab Accident? Here is What You Should Do

Car accidents are dangerous events. The victims could suffer substantial wounds. Many of these injuries could change the victim’s life forever. If these happen, you have to think about pressing charges against the negligent party.

The treatment of all injuries, especially serious ones, cost money. If we add to that the potential damage to property, you have a big money cocktail. If you aren’t responsible for the accident, you surely don’t want to drink it.

Taxi Cabs aren’t exempt from traffic accidents. The difference is that if a taxi driver is involved, proving his negligence is easier than in any other case. Taxi drivers, as all public transportation workers, must follow the “Common Carrier” law.

Which states that all public transportation drivers, must do their work with the highest degree of care and skill. They have to whatever it takes to avoid any kind of dangerous situation; ensuring their passengers' safety during the extension of the trip.

Common Carrier law makes these claims a straightforward process. In the following paragraph, you will find out why.

Legal Characteristics of the Accident

Car accidents can take place at any moment, in almost all cases, just one of the people involved is responsible. If found guilty of negligence, he must pay for all the expenses related to the accident. For example, if you get injured, the defendant must pay for all the medical treatment. If the injury is serious enough to require extended medical treatment, the negligent driver could be forced to pay for this as well.

The meaning of negligence is, the lack of due care when performing a task. In this case the lack of care while driving. For example, if you pass a red light and hit a car, you are guilty of negligence. You must pay for all the expenses related to the accident. This definition also applies to taxi drivers.

If the taxi driver is involved in an accident, you must show proof that he was negligent. As said before, this is an easy process. Taxi drivers must drive with a higher level of care than a normal driver. They are responsible for their passenger health. If they make even a slight mistake, they are responsible for all the consequences.

Most cab drivers tend to be reckless when driving. They have to work under long, stressful shifts. Sometimes they have to deal with angry customers. Making their job even harder. This doesn’t justify the reckless driving techniques, but it certainly enhances them. This makes almost impossible, for them, to match the due level of care.

To show that the taxi driver was, in fact, negligent, you must show a direct link between the accident and the mistake. On some occasions, the taxi driver is not responsible. For example, a faulty part could cause an accident. Because sometimes taxi drivers work for a company, he is not responsible for the maintenance of the car. Therefore, he is free from any responsibility, because there was nothing he could do to prevent the disaster.

When the taxi company is at-fault for the accident, the same procedure applies. Because they must follow the Common Carrier laws, they must ensure that all their units are in top condition. This concept also applies to rented cars. As these are lent to the driver, he is not responsible for the maintenance of the unit. If a part is damaged and because this an accident happens, the rental company is guilty of negligence.

Acting Upon the Accident

Right after an accident, all involved must ask for medical help. Even if you think that you are not hurt. Because your veins are full of adrenaline, you won’t be aware of the extension of the damage. When the effects wear off you will start to feel them. Reaching for medical help is paramount. Especially if someone is seriously hurt.

After you are completely sure that you aren’t seriously hurt, you must check the others. Also, if you have a phone, you should take some photos of the scene. Take pictures of the damage to both cars involved. If possible, you should take both driver's information like IDs, driver's license, plates, and phone numbers. You must report the accident to the local authorities, especially if someone is dead or seriously wounded.

Calling a taxi company is also important. They could speed up the process by calling for the police and medical help. Many taxi cabs have a direct connection with the company headquarters via radio. Take advantage of this possibility, especially if the cab driver is unable to place the call.

As soon as the police arrive at the scene, they will start to make questions to everyone. You must answer them all, with as many details as possible. The police report will come in handy if you want to press charges against the negligent party. When you are clear to leave the accident zone, you must get a comprehensive medical test. This is to prevent any injury from evolving. Also, if you think about making a personal injury claim you must prove that you got injured in the accident. Waiting too long only favours the defendant. He can use this to protect himself.

Making a Claim? Hire an Accident Attorney!

To have higher chances of getting compensation for all medical bills, you have to hire an accident attorney. He will make sure that your claim gets approved. Meaning that you won't have to pay for all expenses. The sooner you make your claim; the better. this way you will avoid losing important witnesses and evidence.

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