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Being a victim of Animal / Dog Bite is not only stressful but also emotionally devastating. You may not know what to do or who to call. Professionalism, technical expertise, and client service are our three most important values, and we adhere to a stringent code of ethics. Get a free consultation by calling our Animal / Dog Bite lawyers now!

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Animal / Dog Bite Injury

Recent studies suggest that over a million Americans get bitten by a dog every year. Also, more than 20% of those victims will need medical attention to treat their injuries.

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These victims can seek help from a dog bite injury lawyer, he will be responsible to defend the victim’s rights and to get compensation for their injuries.

The amount of money that you will get as compensation depends on the accident itself. the more serious it is; the more money you will get. When the victim is a child, the compensation amount is often bigger than if the victim was an adult.

Children are more affected by dog attacks, they are harmed both physically and psychologically. Often, when children are victims of a dog bite, they will suffer from emotional trauma.

The fatality rate is higher among children, there are 70 casualties for every 100 children bitten. Severe dog bites can cause extreme bleeding, muscles and tendon damage, and it can also rip bones and skin.

Having help from an experienced dog bite attorney will make the process flow smoothly. He will take care of all the paperwork and will defend your best interests. Get in contact with our team of experts if you or your loved ones are involved in a dog bite accident. Let us help you to find the settlement you deserve.

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You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you.  (855) 906-2966

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    Call now to schedule a free and confidential consultation about your case.

    You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you.  (855) 906-2966
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