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Public Transportation Injury

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Accidents happen anywhere at any time. People get hurt as a result of these events. Most of the personal injuries lawsuits are related to traffic accidents. Public transportation isn’t free from them. If you get hurt while riding a bus, you can sue the company responsible for the service. The severity of the injuries depends on the accident itself. The worse the injury is; the more money is needed to repair the damage. If you get injured by the negligence of a public transportation worker, you can try to find compensation. Normally, the injuries inflicted in these accidents aren’t too serious.

Bus drivers, subway workers, taxi drivers, and even school bus drivers must follow this regulation. They are expected to do whatever it takes to ensure the user’s safety. You are only able to sue the company if you are injured during the operation of the vehicle. But in some states, public transportation companies must prevent any accidents from happening in their installations. For example, if you are in the subway and you fall from the stairs because they are wet, you can sue the company. Providing proof for these scenarios is harder. Because you need to demonstrate that the stairs were wet and there was no warning sign.

Public transportation companies have to follow certain rules. Their drivers must perform with the highest skills and care. For example, bus drivers can’t talk to the passengers while the bus is moving. Sometimes the bus has warning signs to remind the users that this is forbidden. Also, all hazardous zones, inside the installations, must have the appropriate sign. This could free them from any responsibility. Regardless of how the accident went down, you must provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. For this, you will need help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

To clearly explain the meaning of “greater level of care” let’s see the following example. You are inside a bus, then the bus driver puss the brakes hard. As a result, you get thrown from your seat and hit your head. Is this enough to press charges? Well, you have to analyze why the accident happened. If the bus suddenly stops because a child runs towards the street, you will be able to sue neither the company nor the driver. Contrarily, if the driver gets distracted while talking with a passenger, and he presses the breaks to prevent the bus from hitting the kid, you can sue the company. Even if the child was carelessly walking through the street.

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    You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you.  (855) 906-2966
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