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Advocating Negligent Supervision Victims in Mississippi

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Mississippi Child Injury

personal child injury lawyer

If your child has been seriously injured because of someone else's negligence, the combination of feelings of grief at the tragic event can be amplified by those of betrayal and deep anger. When we send our children to school, day care centers, nurseries and to visit friends, we understandably expect they will be cared for. All too many children are tragically injured because of carelessness in these settings.

Where Was Your Child Injured? We child injury lawyers are equipped to bring years of legal experience to work to acquire the accountability, justice and compensation to which you are entitled if your child has been seriously injured because of carelessness. Our lawyers and team know that we cannot undo these tragic events.

Families should be afforded all resources to heal as best as possible. You can file for a compensation claim if your child has been injured on/due to:

  • Playgrounds
  • Gymnasiums
  • School buses
  • Field trips
  • Sports
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Day care centers

We hope that our children never fall victim to serious accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, negligent individuals, property owners, and companies cause thousands of children to suffer fatal injuries each year in the United States. The livelihood and well-being of our most vulnerable population is often taken for granted for the sake of turning a profit, neglecting proper safety procedures and protocols in the process.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, he will be able to survey through this list and add the items that fit with your case. This will aid in the personal injury calculation and setting the right amount of money. Our child injury lawyers will bring their extensive experience and expertise to allow in the pursuit of justice for you and your child.

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You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you. (855) 906-2966

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    You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you. (855) 906-2966
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