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Product liability Claim in Yigo

accident injury defective product liability lawyer

The law constituting product liability determines the people responsible for damaged or defective products that are made available in the market. For instance, a product manufacturer or provider can be held accountable for putting a damaged or defective product in the stream of commerce. Moreover, all the parties that make up the line of distribution can be held accountable for product liability. The product liability law states that products are required to meet reasonable expectations of the consumers. The product does not meet those requirements if it is shown to have some form of damage or defect that violates those expectations.

The parties that can be held accountable are:

  • The manufacturer of the product
  • The party responsible for assembling and installing the product
  • The component parts manufacturer
  • The parties involved in wholesale, and
  • The retailer responsible for selling the product

The important theories regarding product liability: There are three different ways a person can claim product liability. These are as follows:

  • Strict liability: This theory suggests that it is not required on the part of the person claiming product liability to show that the manufacturer was negligent in his provision of services. Instead, the claimant is only required to show that the product manufactured was damaged or defective. Furthermore, the person claiming product liability is also required to show that the damaged or defective product has caused them harm.The seller of the product can also be held accountable since they are a key link in the distribution chain as they sell or rent out the particular product on a regular basis.
  • Negligence: This theory states that the person claiming product liability needs to show that the manufacturer is indebted by a duty of care to all potential customers. In addition, the person claiming product liability is also required to show that the manufacturer has breached that duty of care. Lastly, it is required to show that there is a direct cause and effect between that breach and the injuries sustained by the person.
  • Warranty: This theory provides two different types of warranties. The first is express warranty. Under this type, it is required by the manufacturer to directly state that the product is safe for its purported use. The second type is implied warranty. This states that the safety of the product is implied by the manufacturer.

All liability claims are determined by the state laws. There are also commercial decrees in every state that are based on the Uniform Commercial Code. The warranty rules and regulations that affect product liability are contained within these decrees provided by the state laws.

When do I need an attorney?

Claiming product liability can be a complicated matter. A lot of legal expertise is required if you want to claim product liability for defective and damaged products. A legal expert like a personal injury lawyer can help you understand the issues surrounding a product liability claim. You are required to consult the expertise of defective products attorney before filing a claim to thoroughly understand the case better.

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    You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you. (855) 906-2966
    Call for a free Consultation
    Call for a free Consultation
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