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Premises Liability in Hazlehurst

personal injury premises liability lawyer

I bet once in life you got caught into a situation where you slipped and fell over a sidewalk, and that you wondered: Can I sue someone because of this? And who would be liable? Now, if you are already looking for a guilty one, stop right there! Because you must think about what happened twice after making assumptions.

If you want to win your slip and fall case, you will have to be able to prove that the sidewalk’s property owner did something that made you fell into it (as an example, you can point out that he did not place the respective sign indicating that the ground was wet.) And of course, how would you know that?

But remember, you cannot take for granted that this will be a strong enough argument, because no one wants to pay for the self-injury cases from other people.

Who is the guilty one when I fell into a public property sidewalk? This is something complicated because it depends on which state you were at that moment.

While in some states the law points out that the municipality is liable, due to the inadequate maintenance of the public sidewalks, in other states the same situation can be less precise.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, he will be able to survey through this list and add the items that fit with your case. This will aid in the personal injury calculation and setting the right amount of money. Getting most of these awful experiences will save you a lot of financial problems.

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You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you. (855) 906-2966

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    Call now to schedule a free and confidential consultation about your case.

    You will pay no legal fees unless a favorable settlement is secured for you. (855) 906-2966
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    Call for a free Consultation
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